Sunday, April 1, 2012

Renadu Cholas

The princes who ruled Renadu region (current Cuddappah - Kurnool region) during the 7th century AD were called as Renadu Cholas. The Chinese traveler Yuan Chwang who visited this region in 639-640 AD has written that he had visited Chola kingdom. These kings claimed that they belonged to Karikala Chola's dynasty. It is not clear how and when these people moved to Andhra.They used lion symbol (not tiger).

As they had accepted the supermacy of Pallavas, their names also resemble Pallava kings. Nandi Varman was a Renadu Chola. He had three sons - Simha Vishnu, Suddhanandan, Dhananjayavarman. Dhananjayavarman's son was Mahendra Vikramavarman. He had two sons - Gunamudidan and Punyakumaran.Punyakumaran was the last king of Renadu Cholas. His wife name was 'Vasanta Pottri Chola Madevi'. She was believed to be from Chalukya dynasty.

Apart from those who mentioned above, there was a king named Chola Maha Rajathirajan Vikramaditya Satyadityanna. His wife was Ilan Chola Madevi. He ruled Renadu as well as Chittavud.

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