Saturday, March 24, 2012

Udaya Kumaran Chola

Period:  Probably 150 AD - 200 AD

Udaya Kumaran was the son of Nedumudi Killi, who was an early Chola king lived during Silappadhikram period.  Banas were princes who ruled North Arcot region. The Bana princess Ceerthi was Udaya Kumaran's mother.

Manimegalai, the daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi, had religious powers. Using that, she was feeding the poor people in Poompuhar. When the king came to know, he invited her to his palace and honoured her. He also coverted his prison into a 'Dharma sala'.

Udaya Kumaran fell in love with Manimegalai. However, Manimegalai, being a Buddhist saint, was interesting only in serving the poor. She diguised herself into a female named Kaya Chandikai. However, Udaya Kumaran knew this and still he was disturbing Manimegalai. By mistaking that Udaya Kumaran was running after his wife, Kaya Chandikai's husband Vidhyadhar killed him and went back to his own country. Manimegalai was put behind the bars by the king. The queen took her out of the prison and kept her under house arrest in her palace. She tortured her; utlimately she realized the greatness of Manimegalai and let her go.

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